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Planted Aquaria Magazine

The AGA is selling back issues of Planted Aquaria Magazine. This full-color 40-page magazine was published by Dave Gomberg between 2000 and 2001. There were eight issues published; four of them may be purchased here (#1, #2, #4, and #5 are no longer available).

Pricing and availability are listed on our Back Issue Sales page.

Issue #1 (sold out)

Style in the Planted Aquarium by Karen Randall
How Environment Affects Plants by Jay Lenahan, Jr.
Featured Aquarist: Tom Barr by Steve Dixon
Chain Sword Plants: History and Nomenclatural Perspectives by Neil Frank (see issue 2 for errata).

Issue #2 (sold out)

Looking for Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia in the Philippines by Jan D. Bastmeijer
Substrates for the Planted Aquarium by Jamie S. Johnson
Starting a Aquarium Club by John Glaeser
New Managing Director at Tropica, Denmark
Love the Algae by Brad Metz.
Errata (mostly from Chain Sword Plants).

Issue #3

Red Plants, Flowers of the Aquarium by Karen Randall
Aqua Planta 1 - 2000 by Michael Eckardt
Understanding the CO2 Chemistry of the Planted Aquarium by Gregory Morin
Otocinclus - Little Monkeys by Julian Dignall and Dinyar Lalkaka

Issue #4 (sold out)

Anubias by Karen Randall
Laterite and Related Soils in the Substrate by Neil Frank
Tennessee (Planted) Aquarium by Charlene Nash
Substrate Heating in the Planted Aquarium by George and Karla Booth
AGA Showcase Results by Erik Olson
Chattanooga Choo-Choo by Karen Randall

Issue #5 (sold out)

Cryptocorynes from Sri Lanka - An Album by Jan D. Bastmeijer
CO2, Light, and Growth of Aquatic Plants by Ole Pedersen, Claus Christensen and Troels Andersen
Ash Meadows 2000 by Peter Unmack
Notes on Anubais Metabolism by Brad Metz
Review of articles, Aqua-Planta 2 & 3-2000 by Michael Eckardt

Issue #6

Ferns for Your Aquarium by Karen Randall
Light, Photosynthesis and Planted Aquaria by Dana Riddle
Plants and Plecos by R. Shane Linder
Pronouncing Scientific Names by Mike Vasey

Issue #7

Success with Planted Discus Aquaria by George and Karla Booth
Managing Water Content
Plant Nutrition for San Francisco Tap Water
European Cryptocoryne Society Meeting by Romeo Herr
Review of Articles from Aqua-Planta by Michael Eckardt
Observations of Aquatic Plants in the Amazon by Karen Randall

Issue #8

Mosses and Liverworts by Karen Randall
Aquarium Plant Nutrition: Nutrient Overview
Siamese Algae Eaters by Liisa Sarakontu
Law Suit Filed Against APD Members
Bookstore Hosts Giant Tank
Growing Emersed Cryptocorynes in Your Living Room by Hans Peter Ehrl