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AGA: The Aquatic Gardener 29-2

Posted on Thu, 14 Jul 2016 (updated Thu, 12 Jan) by Cheryl

The Aquatic Gardener Vol. 29 No. 2 has been published! This issue includes:
~ From the President by Cheryl Rogers
~ Species Spotlight by Rachel O'Leary
~ Scientifically Speaking by Cavan Allen
~ Aquaminiatura: Pico Tank Contest by Diego Sandoval
~ Great Aquashops Around the World by Luca Galarraga
~ Ideal Environment Produced by Aquatic Plants for Fish by Aqua Design Amano
~ Meet the AGA--Karen Randall
~ Growing Under Water - How Plants Cope With Low CO2by Ole Pedersen et al
~ Constructing Paludariums by Chris Teem
~Book Review: Origin of Creation by Karen Randall

ON THE COVER: Photo by Gregory Thom e Silva, Second Place Aquatic Garden 28-60L, 2015 AGA International Aquascaping Contest

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