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AGA: The Aquatic Gardener 34-4

Posted on Tue, 22 Feb 2022 (updated Tue, 21 Jun) by Cheryl

The Aquatic Gardener Vol. 34 No. 4 has been published! This issue includes:
~ From the President by Cheryl Rogers
~ FAN Pick by Steve Coxon
~ Judge's Corner by Kris Weinhold
~ 2021 IAPLC Top Ten
~ Nymphoides flaccida by Christel Kasselmann
~ Aquascaping Contest Photography Part 2 by Josh Sim
~ Growing Eriocaulon From Seeds by Leonid Angelevych
~ Sclerolepis uniflora, an Update by John Rodico

ON THE COVER: "Old Stump" by Jonas Loose, Germany. 2020 AGA International Aquascaping Contest First Place Wabi-Kusa.

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