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AGA Membership Application

Please copy the following form and include it with your dues. Renewing members do not need to fill out the form unless your information has changed.

Aquatic Gardeners Association Application for Membership

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US/Canada/Mexico ☐ 1 year $22 ☐ 2 year $40 ☐ 3 year $56
other countries ☐ 1 year $25☐ 2 year $46☐ 3 year $65
(foreign subscription prices include air mail delivery)

Payment may be with check or money order. (Credit card payments available only online via our PayPal shopping cart.) This Page is not designed to accept the membership directly.
Please mail to:

AGA Membership
PO Box 51536
Denton, TX 76206 (USA)

If you are overseas and ordering back issues as well as subscribing to the AGA, please send your combined order to the AGA Back Issue Sales.