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The Aquatic Gardener: Journal of the Aquatic Gardeners Association

The Aquatic Gardener cover

Members of the Aquatic Gardeners Association receive this magazine free four times per year. This is an actual paper magazine mailed to your postal address. Our 44-page publication contains a mix of articles from all over the globe, appealing to different levels of expertise, with beautiful full-color photos and illustrations.

About The Aquatic Gardener

Dimensions: 5.5in. W x 8.5in. H
No of Pages: 40-44
Full-color: yes
Frequency: quarterly
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Reprint Policy

The Aquatic Gardener ISSN 1073-6999

Original articles that appear in The Aquatic Gardener (TAG) may be reproduced in print (paper) media by non-commercial organizations (unless specifically stated otherwise) provided that proper credit is given to the author and to The Aquatic Gardener, and that at least one copy of the publication containing the reprinted material is sent to TAG's editor at the time of publication. Credit to TAG as the original source must appear at the end of the article, as follows:

Reprinted with permission from The Aquatic Gardener, the Journal of the Aquatic Gardeners Association. Any person interested in the Aquatic Gardeners Association is invited to apply to AGA Membership, PO Box 51536, Denton TX 76206 USA

Any other republication or duplication of the original articles or graphics must first receive permission from TAG's editor or the article author.


Artwork, photographs and articles are welcome from any source and may be submitted to the editor for consideration. We request, but do not require, first publication rights for articles accepted. Please contact Cheryl Rogers at for submission guidelines.