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AGA: The Aquatic Gardener 30-4

Posted on Mon, 01 Jan 2018 (updated Sat, 20 Jan) by Cheryl

The Aquatic Gardener Vol. 30 No. 4 has been published! This issue includes:
~ From the President by Cheryl Rogers
~ Scientifically Speaking by Cavan Allen
~ Great Aquashops Around the World by Luca Galarraga
~ 2017 IAPLC Top Ten
~ Cryptocoryne crispatula var. tonkinensis and var. kubotae by Niels Jacobsen et. al.
~ Cryptocoryne bullosa by Andrew Huang
~ Meet the AGA—Greg St. John
~ Collecting Native Aquatic Plants In Your Own Backyard by Walter K. Crews

ON THE COVER: “Carwash” by Lee Newman. Aktun Ha Cenote, Quintana Roo (near Tulum), Mexico

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