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AGA 2022 Convention Auction Guidelines

Welcome to the 2022 AGA Convention All-Day Aquatic Plant Auction, taking place Sunday October 2, 2022. This is an amazing opportunity to find all ranges of aquatic plants and plant-related aquarium items. In addition to the auction, there will be a tag sale, which is a fixed-price format primarily for dry goods and livestock.

Bidder Information

Anyone may bid on items in the Sunday auction, though the convention will hold your driver’s license if you are not registered for the convention and just dropped in for the auction.

Items may be pushed or moved up to the front of the queue for a nominal $2 fee during the auction.

Payment is by cash or major credit card.

Seller Information

Anyone may donate items, but only convention registrants may sell Requirements:

70/30 Split
All sellers will receive 70% of the final bid price.
Item Limits
There is a limit of 20 lots per seller (auction and tag sale items). In addition, you are only allowed three similar lots (same species, same hardware, etc). If you have more items, consider combining into larger lots, or donating the excess.
Plants and Plant-Related
Items in the live auction are limited to plants and plant-related items, such as CO2 equipment, algae-eating shrimp, nerite snails, and nano fish (a fish under 1.5 inches TL as an adult). Any other items will be sold in a fixed-price tag sale. We reserve the right to move any items from the auction to the tag sale if they are deemed inappropriate. Please help us by properly registering your items in the appropriate venue.

Drygoods should be clean and in good working order. No used substrates or open food containers, please.

You may pre-register your items online or in person before or during the convention. Look for an e-mail from the registration chair with your bidder/seller number and a special link for your items, or contact the convention chair at for the link. You can even register from your smartphone!
Each lot must be clearly labeled with the lot number (seller number—item number), and item description. This can be done, when appropriate, by writing with a Sharpie on the bag, or by using a label. Optionally, we offer a PDF label output from your personal pre-registration link; this can be used to generate 30-up Avery 5160 labels in your own printer.

Tag Sale (Fixed-Price Tables)

The tag sale is a great option for buyers and sellers who want an alternative format to the regular auction, or want to be able to inspect items up-close before purchasing. Items will be laid out on tables and priced at whatever value the seller feels is fair. Throughout the day, all items in the tag sale will be reduced by a fixed percentage, increasing the incentive for buyers to purchase them. All items are purchased on a first come, first served basis, and all sales are final.

Tag Sale Rules

  1. Only convention registrants may sell. Items in the tag sale count towards the 20 lots per seller.
  2. All items should be aquarium related, preferably plant related. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any item in the tag sale or auction.
  3. Items will only be accepted into the tag sale until 10:30 AM.
  4. Items are discounted 25% every two hours after the start of the tag sale, i.e. 50% after four hours and 75% after six hours.
  5. For an additional $2 per item, the item will not be discounted and only sold at its full price.
  6. Sellers will receive the same split as the auction, 70/30.
  7. Sellers wishing to remove their items from the tag sale during the day may do so, but will need to check those items out with the auction staff.
  8. Any items that have not been sold or claimed at the end of the tag sale will be auctioned as donations to the auction with no compensation to the seller.
  9. A proper labeling of the item (species, description of the item’s condition, etc.) is required for each item placed in the tag sale.
  10. Seller must clearly label the item with the starting price of that item. If pre-registering, please include the starting price in the description field.