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Aquatic Experience Aquascaping Live! Contests
Sanctioned and Presented by The Aquatic Gardeners Association

2017 Aquatic Experience

Sponsored by Fluval

Aquatic Experience Chicago-2017 was the host site for the 4th Aquatic Experience LIVE! Aquascaping Contests. The event was sponsored by Fluval and sanctioned by the Aquatic Gardeners Association. Contestants competed in one of two categories (Small or Large Tank) for $3,900 dollars in prize money. The contest and judging took place on the exhibit show floor Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017 1:00pm-4:30pm. The work-in-progress and award winning aquascapes were on display for attendees to view all three days of the show. AGA representatives were on hand to answer questions and promote the art and science of aquatic gardening.

See the winners for   2016   2018.

Small Planted Tank:

John Pini, First Place

Lori Dupont, Second Place

Vang Thao, Third Place

Hiep Hong, Fourth Place

Igor Cialenco, Fifth Place

Hunter Koerner, Sixth Place

Large Planted Tank:

Phil Kerewich and Jake Zucker, First Place

Chicago Aquatic Plant Society: John Pini, Marvin Lo, Vang Thao, Scott Miller, William Romero, Second Place

The Aquascapers Collective: Cory Hopkins, Shawn McBride, Hiep Hong, Art Commisso, Bryan James, Third Place

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